About embodiment work and healing.
young siblings

One of my favorite personal mottos, "It's never too late to have a happy childhood," doesn't mean I can change my history, but it does mean I can  reconfigure mental and emotional patterns that were put into service long ago, and stayed in place long past their usefulness to my well-being. This is work I do with parents, as working with the patterns of your own inner child is a vital key in shifting unproductive patterns with your children.


These patterns are visible when you find yourself with an intense reaction to life circumstances that seems out of proportion to the triggering event.


Happens all the time.  A loved one forgot to take out the garbage or ate the last piece of cake. Your child won't put on shoes,  or calls you stupid,

and suddenly you find yourself in a towering rage, or panicked or numb, feeling the raw totality of your emotions before reason has gotten hold of them.


It is sometimes fearsome to confront early patterns, even though we ourselves put them in place. When as infants or young children we put a strong defense in place, it was because we felt our survival was at stake, physical, emotional or both. And later when we began to understand shame—right around age three—another layer of discomfort was added on top of our fears.


It is possible for you to know about all your early defenses, clearly see their origins, talk about and analyze them, but sometimes hard to shift them. These patterns that were set in motion as early as conception, amplified by gestation and birth, and given emphasis in early childhood,  can last a lifetime.  Although many of these original feelings often took place before words and concepts, they live in our subconscious and in our body's memory. 

Embodiment Healing for adults locates early defenses in the body with a combination of bodywork, both physical and energetic,  alongside verbal communication. I use crystals and Young Living essential oils to help entry into sensation because often these patterns are initially  "disembodied", separated from our current sense of Self, and our present-day bodily experience. This combination of talk and touch guides your approach, gently and safely, to an experience of the roots of emotional triggers, working tenderly with any fears that arise. This supports a positive relationship with the vulnerable feelings sourced in those roots, and updates your relationship with those feelings allowing for more freedom and choice in your  emotional life and expression. 


Fear and anger are often the safeguards to a vulnerability that knew no container, but with enough support and safety available in your current adult life (which is what we nearly always lacked in our originating experiences), an atmosphere of curiosity and kindness is developed and refined within you. With this permission supported by loving touch, and compassionate attention, many old patterns can be reworked in the nervous system, and a more self-loving, relaxed and spacious "you" comes to the forefront of your life and actions. Good for both you AND your family. 


For young children, I work a little differently, when focussing on conception, gestation and birth. In this instance parents are present and we work through story and role play to redo and re-pattern difficult experiences in conception, gestation and/or birth and it's immediate aftermath.  This is ideally done in the first three years of life when parents and children are most intimately sharing the same emotional field, but with enough contact and trust can be effective at any age. 


Whether with children or adults,  positive changes in emotional and physical being are apparent very quickly.