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"Amy-Beth is the family member you wish you had."   

photo by Jeff DiPallo

About me.

 I was convinced motherhood would be a walk in the park.  Well, that was a cold-water bath! ...It was hard to admit that having considered myself a seasoned professional at handling children, I was missing some key ingredients for how to relate to my own. .. specialize in providing a safe and nurturing space for the inner child in every parent. My vision is to support all families to experience harmony and love in their daily lives. 

What I do.

I will show you how to create a safe emotional environment for you and your kids, and the way to attend to both your children’s needs and your own without having to sacrifice one for the other. 

Most importantly, you will learn how to lean into kindness and compassion towards yourself which is the key to a life of Family Harmony.

What clients say.

"We can see the progress our family is making while working with Amy-Beth. It is an amazing feeling! I have read a lot of books on parenting; working with Amy-Beth takes things to a completely different level. She is incredibly observant and intuitive, she can see beneath our smiles and sense the underlying exhaustion and anxiety that we harbor as parents...

"I cannot rave enough about Amy Beth. She is calm and loving and sees families and situations for what they are. She is skilled at gently providing guidance as how to navigate parenting while encouraging you to shine in the knowledge of your self."


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