What I do: my work with families.

photo by Jeff DiPallo

 I know you want to be the best parent possible to your children. And yet, you find yourself, impatient, judgmental, irritated at all the interruptions, the constant needs, the lack of sleep, the lack of personal time, of any time! And then, you worry - are you missing the best years of their lives?  Are you messing them up? Are they already messed up? Nobody really prepared you how to handle the stress of being a parent, and especially not in these particularly challenging times. 

I can help.

My 25 years of working with families, my 40 years of spiritual inquiry and my deep dive into my own parenting journey perfectly equips me to be a companion and a guide in your desire to have more peace, harmony and confidence on your parenting path.  

I combine practical knowledge about the inner lives of children with my sharply intuitive wisdom into human nature and a deep love and intimate understanding of the parenting journey. Through skilled questioning and accurate feedback, I will guide you to tap into your own inner wisdom. We will examine together the messages you absorbed from your family of origin and the general culture that might be unconsciously driving some of your parenting decisions, and unpack where the triggers that upend your best intentions to be kind and evenhanded with your kids have their genesis.  And, if it seems to you, you would be happier if only your kids would just behave! -  I will help you understand the messages being communicated by your children’s behavior, and guide you to understanding your part in the dynamic, shifting your experience from feeling like a hostage to your child’s expressions to feeling empowered in your family system. 

I will show you how to create a safe emotional environment for you and your kids, and the way to attend to both your children’s needs and your own without having to sacrifice one for the other. 

Most importantly, you will learn how to lean into kindness and compassion towards yourself that is the key to a life of Family Harmony.


"Today, I have an amazing, loving and respectful relationship with both of my children.  It is the best gift imaginable."