How I work: what sessions look like.

photo by SarahKate Butterworth

I begin with a 20 minute phone call with you to determine that what I offer and what you want is a good match. 


Should that be the case, then the sessions are over Zoom for 1 hour. If after the first session you would like to continue, I encourage you to commit to a weekly session for the next 7 weeks.


My approach is different from many parent coaches who focus solely on children’s behavior and how to manage. That will certainly be a part of our coaching sessions because I have many good tips from years of working with children. However much of that management will also emerge from an understanding of your role in the relationship dynamic with your children


At the end of eight weeks there will be some significant changes in your family life that we can celebrate, and we will re-evaluate how you might want to proceed. There are many options available, such as continuing once a week, switching to twice a month, or just a monthly check in. When couples come together, sometimes they choose to have their own private sessions on alternate weeks for more in depth personal focus.

Over the 8 weeks we will be exploring:

The Safe Seat - a key Purejoy practice that will support you greatly in your daily life and parenting

Possibilities - imagining the parent/person you want to be and what that looks and feels like

Triggers -The four parts of an emotional trigger, and understanding how triggers get activated by your child’s behavior 

Beliefs - what are the beliefs that you may have absorbed about yourself from others, especially your family of origin, that influence and guide your parenting choices.

Emotional safety - How best to create emotional safety at home for you and your family

Healthy Boundaries -  for both you and your children. 

Kindness Practices - how to give  love and compassion to yourself -the key for offering to others

The sessions are packed with information and suggestions, so after each session I follow-up with a written recap to support absorption of the material.

"I have been so lucky to have her help me be a better parent and partner, with therapeutic guidance that can be easily integrated into my life to promote the well being of my family. Thank you, Amy-Beth. I can’t say enough about how you have changed our lives for the better."  

I also offer hands-on work for adults to work out early trauma, which can sometimes be re-triggered in child-rearing.​(Learn about embodiment work here.) As of March 2020 this work is temporarily suspended.