Appreciations: what clients say.

Happy Mother with her Child

"Amy-Beth is well worth the investment, for your child and

 for your family. We are thrilled with what she has given us!"

 "Amy-Beth is our parent coach and a caregiver to our two-year-old for a few hours a week. This combination is ideal for us. We gain a skillful attachment figure to care for our girl, and our coaching sessions are then furthered by Amy-Beth's gained understanding of our daughter's style and specific needs." 


 "We can see the progress our family is making while working with Amy-Beth. It is an amazing feeling! I have read a lot of books on parenting—working with Amy-Beth takes things to a completely different level.  She's incredibly observant and intuitive; she can see beneath our smiles and sense the underlying exhaustion and anxiety we harbor as parents. At the end of each session (we aim for weekly sessions), we are filled with fresh hope and determination. Amy-Beth brings life-earned wisdom to the table, and we are ever grateful for it!"


"How do we show up as parents? How does our home feel? What radiates from our daughter? This is where Amy-Beth shines. In an average coaching session, we talk about yesterday's melt-down, pre-school anxiety, balancing needs, effects of the birth, patterns of behavior between myself and my husband, you name it! It is the nitty-gritty items so particular to our house that I never find it in the books...with grace and ease,  Amy-Beth gently brings awareness and experience to our unique situation. "

 “Amy-Beth is the family member you wish you had. She offers compassionate understanding of both mother and baby, and the intense transition that both have to go through, with intuitive, subtle and generous support.  I suffered from postpartum depression after my son was born and was very anxious about stepping into those waters again.  Amy-Beth helped make the time after my second birth more like a warm bath than the hurricane I had experienced the first time.  When I hit a wall emotionally, or a sleep deprived slump, Amy-Beth was a haven of comfort and perspective. Her hugs allowed the tears to flow and the stuck energy to move its way out of my body.  She has a wonderful presence, and my daughter and I both thrived under her care. A year later, she is still one of my whole family's favorite people. Amy-Beth is amazing at supporting families.”  Katie W., Doula, Yoga Teacher


"Amy-Beth has been an amazing influence in my life and on our family. She has a unique connection with children.

Her intuition and education guide her in a natural way that is remarkable. She gets into 'who' the child is to make sure their needs are being met and can teach us as parents to best communicate with them based on what they need. The surprise you get with Amy Beth is that she treats the whole family. She practices holistically, as we know the mood or affect of our children is directly related to our mood and behavior. I have been so lucky to have her help me be a better parent and partner, with therapeutic guidance that can be easily integrated into my life to promote the well being of my family. Thank you, Amy-Beth. I can’t say enough about how you have changed our lives for the better."  Hillary M., Naturopath, Boulder CO 


"Amy-Beth is a deeply talented, caring and wise woman, skilled in working with parents and children, particularly those with special needs. For years she has been a life-saver for our family, gently nurturing all of us through some major times of family stress and upheaval. The trust and bond she has built with our special needs child is incredible and transformative. We refer to Amy-Beth as 'the child whisperer'. I would recommend her wholeheartedly." Phil F.-R., Executive Director, Elevations Foundation, Boulder CO.


"Amy-Beth has been a true gift to our family.  Her work with us enabled me to move beyond focusing on my child's difficult behavior to settling into a more relaxed relationship based on unconditional love.  AB taught me to slow down and relax my own energy enough to be able to connect with my children in a way they could accept.  As a single mom, working full-time, slowing down was not in my vocabulary.  AB's kindness and love opened the part of my son that was hiding, afraid to be exposed.  Today, I have an amazing, loving and respectful relationship with both of my children.  It is the best gift imaginable."  Julie F., Financial Analyst, Denver CO


"I cannot rave enough about Amy Beth. She is calm and loving and sees families and situations for what they are. She is skilled at gently providing guidance as how to navigate parenting while encouraging you to shine in the knowledge of your self."   J. Creevy, Attorney 


"AB is amazing! She’s been so helpful to me and my family over the last year. We have a real connection which helps of course but she knows her stuff and creates a warm safe environment to discuss anything. She has played the role as a therapeutic caregiver, parental coach and therapist for me. She’s helped me with new au pairs in my home and joined me with discussions with family members"  B. Eisler, Marketing Executive

"Today, I have an amazing, loving and respectful relationship with

both of my children.  It is the best gift imaginable."